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I have a lot of hobbies which, at times, threaten to completely take over my life.

An interest of mine for decades has been The Medieval Middle East. I have studied this time and place informally for many years and am now fortunate to study it, as I am able, in an academic environment.

The older I get the more irritated I am by politics. It may be quixotic of me, but I do believe The Libertarian Party can be a force for positive change.

Another symptom of aging seems to be an increased interest in Family History.

In what I like to call a 'previous life' I was a computer science major and wrote a short paper on the abacus which a number of people have found interesting and/or useful over the years.

I have recently discovered quilting. It is the best of both worlds: destruction (taking perfectly good fabric and chopping it to bits) and creativity (putting it back together in interesting patterns). I have a small gallery of quilting projects that I have completed so far.

The SCA is great fun and a marvelous outlet for random creative urges.

I am very interested in cameras and photography. A little information on my life with cameras is available. I am working on creating a series of photo album pages to display some of my photos.

Celtic knotwork: you know, that neat looking "celtic" knotwork interlace stuff that you see on all things celtic these days. Follow the link to see a method for drawing knotwork based on a grid of dots, which I find it easier than the method found in the Bains books.

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