Photos taken in and around the Gravenstein Festival.
I am fairly lousy at recording what lens and exposure and so on went with each shot, but I can tell you that I used my trusty F, 100ASA Fuji Provia slide film, probably had my shutter at 1/125 and used Sunny 16 for exposure. The lenses were the 50mm and probably the 105mm.

ashadyfair_small.jpg looktourists_small.jpg lutherscarriage_small.jpg steampower_small.jpg
appletreesprayer_small.jpg tractors_small.jpg applesauceeatingcontest_small.jpg chugalug_small.jpg
vendors_small.jpg llama_small.jpg shadyllamalady_small.jpg drafthorses_small.jpg
livemusic_small.jpg gateguard_small.jpg spinner_small.jpg applefest32_small.jpg
graton_small.jpg moregraton_small.jpg gratoninhabitant_small.jpg notenoughapples_small.jpg

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